Data management: what are the barriers?

Making data a business concern is still a tough task.

25 April 2022

Yemurai Shamba, Neolife

Data is the new oil, the new currency, the new electricity. Choose your euphemism – there’s no shortage of ways to articulate data’s value, yet it doesn’t translate into clear data ownership. Why is that the case? What are we overlooking about data that fails to close the gap between IT and business?

The amount of data we work with isn’t helping. This theme surfaces several times during the roundtable discussion, and is a point kickstarted by Dr Philile Mkhize, Liberty Group’s technology executive for Corporate and Retail. “If I look at where we came from a decade ago, organisations are still battling with data as a strategy. We’ve had some form of data management and governance, but the challenge currently is that there’s too much data that can be used,” she says.

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