Why aren't we winning?

The world spends billions on cybersecurity. But is it working?

11 October 2022

Helen Kruger, Troye

Determining what the world spends on cybersecurity each year varies wildly between reports, but the figure averages around $100 billion. Although staggering, it's a sliver compared to cybercrime's near-$500 billion gains in 2021 (Small Business Innovation Research), an illicit industry analysts predict to hit trillions in just a few years. We're spending more on cybersecurity, yet there are more breaches. Why?

Setting aside recent catalysts such as remote working, several fundamental problems plague successful cybersecurity. Some relate to the technologies and their vendors, and others fall at the feet of business culture and people. Then there are the cybercriminals: motivated types with one job and only needing one opportunity.

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