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Broadly speaking: the truth behind broadband in South Africa

South Africans rejoiced at the belated launch of a broadband consumer solution in 2001. Joy soon turned to despair when the reality proved to be a sub-standard, slower-than-dialup service from Telkom.

01 August 2005

Things have improved, but broadband is still nowhere near where it should be in South Africa and choosing a provider can be confusing for the average consumer. While Americans have been streaming TV-quality footage to their home computers for half a decade and the world`s first gigabit broadband package is about to become available in the East, South Africans are left in the Dark Ages in terms of connectivity.

There are many reasons for this, our geographical location being one challenge, but the truth is that many of our service providers are claiming to provide broadband solutions when really all they offer are syrupy-slow connections which, while always on, do not qualify as broadband by the furthest stretch of the imagination.

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