Trust me, I’m a deepfake

GenAI presents a threat and an opportunity to cyber teams. What has been the experience of South African security personnel?

02 April 2024

Andrew Voges, Kaspersky Africa

There have been warnings since at least last year that cybercriminals are going to be deploying deepfake tools to dupe businesses, and indeed, in February this year, it came to pass in Hong Kong. According to police, a financial services employee transferred $25 million to a criminal who was posing as the CFO. But there was something particularly cunning about this attack, and shows how far criminals will go to weaponise deepfake AI.

Roy Alves, national sales manager, J2 Software, had heard of the case, and says that there wasn’t just one deepfake on the call, but several. He says that there was some initial suspicion, and “there was something about his mannerisms that didn’t add up”.

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