Tackling public sector cost and supply chain issues

What steps should we take to support the public sector’s digitisation?

17 May 2022

Photo: Hennie Homann

Digital technology can achieve many things, efficiency being chief among them. This outcome is something the public sector wants to see become a reality. During a recent public sector roundtable hosted in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, attendees unpacked their hopes and concerns around technological delivery. What does the sector need, and how can technology help make those needs materialise?

“Our approach is always to look at the problem statement,” says Basil Ntlatleng, MTN’s regional sales manager for Mpumalanga. “What problems are we solving? What products do we position to solve those problems? In a municipal environment, how do we enhance revenue collection? How do we ensure that your meter readings are accurate and t hat you c an c apture any issue, such a s potholes, pipe leakage? We always look at problems to solve, and no one shoe fits all.”

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