White Noise

Burning questions

When the time came to write a roundup of this year`s government and technology conference, I found myself at a loss for words: the entire conference was overshadowed by the resignation of former Sita CEO Llewellyn Jones.

01 September 2008

Although the dust seems to have finally settled around the Sita bombshell dropped at this year's GovTech conference, it appears the organisation is still on shaky ground.

Former Sita CEO Llewellyn Jones has resigned and the chief of business operations, Femke Pienaar, is holding the fort while a replacement is urgently found. In recent reports, Pienaar has been quoted as saying that her first port of call is to reassure Sita's employees by sharing with them the facts leading up to Jones' resignation - and explaining to them what the loss means for the state-owned entity. On the other hand, someone from Dimension Data whispered to me during the GovTech conference that Jones' promotion of Pienaar was his biggest mistake. I'm not quite sure what that was supposed to mean, but it was said nonetheless. Another burning question relates to exactly how far into Sita does government CIO Michelle Williams' influence extend? Could the leaking of confidential correspondence between Williams and the agency mean that some people have had enough of the underhanded way in which Sita handles procurement processes, or is it meant to simply expose these individuals in an attempt to get rid of them?

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