How did we do this year?

We’ve put four entities under the microscope: the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies, the Information Regulator, SITA, and ICASA, and our findings are reminiscent of my long-suffering primary school teachers, who said: “Shows potential, but must try harder.”

14 December 2022


It’s quite hard to know what’s going on at SITA since it doesn’t do a particularly good job at telling us what it’s up to. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything happening, but it could certainly do better in this regard. This year saw it get yet another chief executive, in an acting position, in Molatlhegi Kgauwe, who took over from Luvuyo Keyise. Incidentally, Keyise is still listed as CEO on the SITA website, despite him leaving in August. Kgauwe is now the 21st chief executive to head the agency in its 22-year history, which must be some kind of record.

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