Commoditised care is an oxymoron: if you have to be paid to care, you obviously don’t care.

04 December 2023

Boomergeddon is the theory that society depends on a large, voluntary army of pro-social, patriotic, community-minded people with spare time, and among my generation and their successors, they just don't exist in large enough numbers.” ~ Ed West,

The Boomer generation, the cohort born after the world wars – parents of the millennials and grandparents to the little alphas – has a lot to account for. This is the generation responsible for climate change, for the hole in the ozone layer (remember those CFCs they sprayed into their ‘80s power hairdos?), runaway inflation, the NIMBYism behind the global housing crisis, neoliberalism in general (whatever you think of it), and pretty much everything wrong with politics.

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