The rise of cosy games

Popular video games aren’t only about sports, or surviving the apocalypse. Sometimes they’re cute, wholesome, cosy.

02 April 2024

When we were all locked down during the pandemic, confined to our homes and without the ability to buy rotisserie chicken, I received a WhatsApp from a close friend. My friend, who just happens to be a senior executive at South Africa’s largest energy and chemicals solutions company, wanted to know if he could visit. But he didn’t want to come past my house – his request was to visit my Animal Crossing island because I had an orchard of orange trees and he did not. Things may have been bleak in the real

world, but the 38 million people who bought a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons were spending their days planting flowers, digging up fossils, discovering sea creatures and watching in-game sunsets with their Nintendo Switch friends.

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