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Support and affordability on the enterprise IP journey

31 October 2022

Nyeleti Shikwambane, Huawei Product Manager, Pinnacle ICT

Enterprise IP solutions are a hot topic in every organisation currently. Work from home and remote working are creating additional demands in terms of capacity and speed, which need to be met for employees to work effectively. Cost has never been a more important consideration. Over and above this, the availability of materials and equipment presents another challenge. Something as simple as needing a switch or access point can result in a lengthy waiting period due to shortages and delays in the post-pandemic environment. “Huawei is known for providing robust solutions that are the first to be brought to market,” says Nyeleti Shikwambane, Huawei Product Manager at Pinnacle ICT. “We are also a market leader in terms of speed and transmission capacity. Our most popular products are in the WLAN space, but we also offer switching and network analyser solutions that assist to manage a network better. The switches are robust in terms of capacity and speed, and we also have core routers, and routing solutions for enterprises of all sizes, including small to medium organisations, as well as home offices.”

Pricing is always a key consideration when looking at the solutions that are offered in the enterprise IP market. “Huawei products are competitively priced without fail,” Shikwambane emphasises. “Not only are our products cost-effective and high quality, but they’re also more readily available in an industry where delays can be up to a year. We currently have a promotion running – the Huawei Fast Track Promo, and the availability for this is three to five weeks. Any product you need, will be available within this timeframe – and we have added additional discounting to this offer to assist our customers. So not only will you get your products faster, but they will also be more cost-effective.”

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