Will GTP-4 usher us to the edge of AGI?

AI winters are periods of downturns in funding and interest in research.

23 March 2023

In the world of artificial intelligence (AI), we’ve experienced a number of cold spells. These are characterised by a lack of breakthroughs and a decrease in the number of AI-related projects and startups.

The first AI winter occurred in the 1970s, after a period of high optimism and funding for AI research in the 1960s. This was followed by a second AI winter in the 1980s, and a third one in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Thankfully, progress in AI research has continued and the field has seen many advances in recent years. We’ve witnessed a resurgence in interest and funding, driven in part by breakthroughs in machine learning and deep learning, as well as practical applications of AI in areas such as self-driving cars and natural language processing.

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