Coding in the cloud

Software development in a cloud world is a little bit like stepping away from a snowball fight.

02 May 2024

Ian Engelbrecht, Veeam Software

Cloud-native technologies are changing the way applications are built and run. Companies are opting for this approach because the cloud is dynamic, scalable, and resilient, giving them all the tools they need to compete quickly in a digital-first world.

When comparing cloud software to traditional applications, one of the easiest ways to understand the difference is to picture a snowball rolling down a hill. As traditional applications grow, they can become increasingly burdensome, difficult to modify and bogged down by legacy processes. They struggle to meet the needs of businesses, growing more bloated with technical debt. On the other hand, cloud-native technology is fundamentally shifting how applications can be built and run for improved scalability. You’re not making snowballs, you’re the ice sculptor, shaping applications with precision and adaptability and creating solutions that seamlessly navigate the ever-changing demands of the modern business environment.

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