What will you write today?

Journal may be a default app on iOS, but don’t overlook it.

02 May 2024

It’s hard to get excited about an OS’ “default apps”, the ones that come baked into the OS or subsequent updates. Some reflect deals made between the device manufacturer and the OS. Some are purely utilitarian. Many are un-removable on un-rooted machines, leaving offloading or deactivating as the best option, and ignoring them as a grudge coping mechanism. Occasionally, though, these provide some insight into a device maker’s viewpoint and strategy. Apple’s Journal app belongs in the latter category, I believe.

Because I’d mentally assigned Journal to the “default app” category, I spent months stoically overlooking the iOS 17.2 stowaway. I’m also not naturally inclined to journaling. That is in spite of the fact that it’s a practice with a surprising wealth of scientific research behind it, including broad-reach meta-analysis, showing that journaling – like meditation – can be used positively in the management of stress and depression, among other things.

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