Shaping the landscape of innovation

Open source represents much more than free software.

03 June 2020

Open source software is more ubiquitous now than ever before, and is shaping the landscape of innovation in the software industry. For many years, open source was most commonly acknowledged as the Linux operating system, obtainable free and open to anyone keen on using it. “Today, the concepts of collaborative development, with peer contribution to obtain a community success spans across all spheres and industries,” says Muggie van Staden, MD at Obsidian Systems.

SAS South Africa’s country manager Akesh Lalla agrees, adding that an open source environment supports the rapid and agile development of projects and models. “Open source provides an open space to tackle new challenges, to explore the data and see what answers it contains. New projects can enable significant successes with fast deployment, and, importantly, it also supports the ‘failing fast’ strategy without incurring significant development and infrastructure costs.”

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