Sponsored: Managing the digital in dairy

The role of ICT when it comes to the production of perishable food and beverages is critical and in this sector, ICT goes way beyond the cool, digital stuff, into the realm of the state-of-the-art and the marrying together of ICT and operational technology (OT) and everything in between.

23 May 2023

Tsholofelo Moeca, Clover, Group CIO

At the ICT helm of dairy products producer Clover South Africa is its CIO Tsholofelo Moeca, who plays an essential role in keeping the ICT cogs turning and tackling the huge problems the company – like all perishable producers – faces due to loadshedding.

“Ours is a networked ERP system that communicates everything, from production statistics, to call centre activity, planning to finance,” says Moeca. “If the technology is unavailable, we stand to lose millions of rands every hour. We are seriously looking at going completely cloud, preferably with a provider that is off the grid.

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