It’s not all hyperscale

They might be in the shadow of the public cloud giants, but South Africa has a thriving private cloud market.

08 March 2024

It’s not all hyperscale

South Africa has attracted a significant crowd of hyperscale public cloud companies. Amazon’s AWS has had a local presence for nearly two decades, and Microsoft launched the first local hyperscale datacentres when it brought Azure into the country. Since then, Huawei, Oracle, Alibaba, and, most recently, Google have launched local hyperscale cloud infrastructure, leading to a potential market value of over R79 billion by 2027, according to research firm BMIT.

But what about the other areas of the cloud world? Hyperscale providers stand apart because they command massive infrastructure and provide various services and products. Yet hyperscale models are not always the best cloud destinations for a market that predominantly prefers hybrid cloud, mixing public cloud, on-premise IT and private cloud models.

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