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Does OpenAI's GPT-3 spell the end for all writing jobs?

21 February 2023

The second paragraph of this column was written by an artificial intelligence. Not from scratch – I supplied the seed and it did the rest. My (selfserving) seed was: "Write a paragraph about artificial intelligence making human writers redundant." The result is pretty darn good.

"Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used to write news stories, articles, and even entire books, leading to the possibility that AI could make human writers redundant. AI can now generate articles with minimal input from humans, using machine learning and natural language processing to process large data sets and produce content quickly and accurately. AI can also take over mundane tasks such as research and fact-checking, saving writers time and energy. As AI becomes more sophisticated, human writers may find it increasingly difficult to compete with machines for writing gigs, as AI can produce content faster and cheaper than humans, leaving writers with fewer opportunities."

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