Buddy’s got your Budget back

This budgeting app has pretty charts, but still lacks API integration into banks.

03 June 2024

Creating a budget and tracking your spending against it is one of the most life-changing and empowering things you can do. But – and it’s a big one – not only is that one of the dullest sentences ever written, budgeting itself is so dull, it’s hard to get enthusiastic about it.

It’s not ideal to admit publicly, but most days I’d rather queue at Home Affairs than tackle my budget and catalogue my spending. Thankfully, this is one area of life admin where “there’s an app for that” hits my ears like a seraphim chorus. There’s not just “an app”, of course. Budgeting is one of the busiest app categories, and was arguably dominated globally by Mint, which launched way back in 2007. Mint accrued millions of loyal users, but owner Intuit folded it into another of its brands, buy now, pay later Klarna, in March 2024 – sending those millions out into the wild app-lands to hunt for alternatives.

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