Mobility, how are you moving my business?

Enterprise mobility is moving from in-office and occasional to holistic solutions that empower users and companies; but what technologies define it and how can companies optimise for it?

08 May 2023

What is enterprise mobility? On the one hand, it’s defined as a way of using mobile devices and management tools to empower employees to connect and collaborate more effectively regardless of location and within tightly managed security. On the other, it’s less a bunch of tools and technologies and more of an experience. As Forrester describes it, enterprise mobility is the ‘sum of all the perceptions that employees have about working with the technology they use to complete their daily work and manage their relationship(s)’. It is, says Forrester, a DEX – a digital employee experience.

Today, enterprise mobility is actually both. It has undergone a radical change in its capabilities and its relevance over the past three years and is now under pressure to provide holistic mobility that empowers users and allows for businesses to create ecosystems that span offices, homes, and anywhere in between. It’s also become far more attuned to the mobile connectivity needs of the user so it improves productivity, customer service and the overall business culture.

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