How secure is your network?

Discover the crucial tactics for fortifying your business against cyber threats.

01 March 2024

Jaco Prinsloo, Saicom

It should come as no surprise that every organisation requires robust network security. If you have connected devices like computers, servers and smartphones, network security is what will keep your business data safe from threats and ensure your network remains usable. But as technology advances, so do the cyber criminals that seek to exploit vulnerabilities. Threat actors have become more advanced in their methods of attack and the network has had to evolve into sophisticated intrusion detection systems.

“Protecting at the network layer has become more complex with hybrid work modules and cloud-based solutions,” says Dean Vorster, Zinia’s CTO. “Network security products will reduce the threat exposure to an organisation, but it’s not the silver bullet. Cybersecurity is a holistic approach and needs to be addressed from all verticals.”

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