Say hello to Equiano

Set to arrive in Cape Town in July, Google’s Equiano sub-sea cable will establish a new high-capacity connection between Europe and Africa.

13 June 2022

Alistair Mokoena, Google SA. Photo: Jesse McConnell

Sub-Saharan Africa is the most underserved region in the world when it comes to internet infrastructure. And it doesn’t just lag a little, it lags substantially behind the rest of the globe.

This internet usage gap is caused by three main factors: affordability, a lack of digital literacy and limited consumer services, says Alistair Mokoena, country director at Google South Africa. But rather than only seeing this scenario in a negative light, the underdeveloped nature of Sub-Saharan Africa’s telecommunications infrastructure presents significant investment and development opportunities that can serve as a catalyst for socioeconomic transformation across the region. It’s an opportunity that Google is keen to tap into.

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