You’ve been priced

Everyone has an opinion on capitalism. Definitions, of course, vary according to personal agendas; its merits (or lack thereof) are even more hotly contested depending on what quadrant of the Nolan political compass the subject leans towards.

20 February 2023

I want to focus on the future of capitalism, specifically the near future of capitalism that is being accelerated by the advent of the so-called Web3 era of digital connectivity. Technologists and engineers will tell you that Web3 refers to the era of distributed computing or decentralised networks. And while they are for the most part correct, these sorts of definitions fail to explain how the technical nuances will actually affect you and me and the way we connect and trade with each other. From my vantage point as a social and economic analyst, perhaps the most tangible difference we’ll experience in the glorious globally decentralised network state of the future as we move from Web2 to Web3 is around value. Specifically, who and what gets valued and how that value will be priced and traded.


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