Who protects the protector?

The legal sector plays an important role in defining and refining the laws and regulations that relate to online behaviour, data privacy and cybercrime and so has become a target itself. This begs the question: who protects the protector?

09 May 2023

Simone Gast, Werksmans Attorneys. All photos: Paul McGavin

Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly critical across business, the public sector and to the individual. As cybercrime continues to evolve, growing more sophisticated and insidious, the legal profession has become a fundamental part of the front line of defence. Entrusted with highly sensitive information, from confidential passwords to corporate strategies and data around mergers, acquisitions, trade secrets and more, the law firm has become a target as much as an advisor. In this roundtable, industry leaders and legal decision-makers look at how law firms need to be more vigilant than ever, and what approaches, tools, technologies and strategies they should adopt to ensure that they shore up defences, stay competitive and secure, and remain trusted advisors for their clients and their data.

So how should legal firms approach the management and control of their security? What should they be thinking of right now to ensure they are secure tomorrow?

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