Sponsored: Holistic solutions for the hybrid workforce

The hybrid workforce model has become such an integral part of today’s work environment, that many individuals are unlikely to accept a new job unless it’s hybrid. Helen Kruger, managing director of Troye, and Kurt Goodall, technical director, discuss how to implement a hybrid work model that is seamless, secure, well-managed, cost-effective, and a win-win for all involved.

29 March 2023

Helen Kruger, Managing Director of Troye

“From our perspective at Troye, the most important requirement is that an organisation must provide the full set of tools that the hybrid workforce needs to be productive,” says Kruger. “Technologies to provide end-to-end solutions are available; they just need to be administered more strategically. Point solutions are no longer adequate.”

Today, all users, even architects, engineers, call centre operators and actuaries, can work from home, remotely accessing applications that would previously have been available on-premise only. “We work with various different verticals at Troye, and the hybrid model is within easy reach regardless of the industry,” Kruger says.

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