What’s the crisis plan?

The high probability of cyber incidents calls for organisations of every size to be prepared.

08 December 2023

James Kloppers, Arcserve Southern Africa.

In an era defined by digital transformation, the question on everyone’s mind is not whether a security incident will occur, but when. For businesses of every size to not only survive but thrive amidst the chaos and uncertainty of a breach requires intricate crisis planning, a resilient cybersecurity strategy and a vigilant workforce.

“Today’s cyberattacks increasingly target people, not systems, across organisations of all sizes,” says Matt Cooke, a cybersecurity strategist at Proofpoint EMEA. For James Kloppers, a pre-sales technical consultant for Arcserve Southern Africa, the first step is to take any raised risks seriously. “Risks are based on vulnerabilities that reside within environments or systems that span the landscape, including applications,” says Kloppers. “This being said, communication plus training are required so the workforce is prepared – training on what to do is essential and not just for the administrators, but for everyone within an organisation.”

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