The evolution of Motorola Solutions

With a market cap of $45 billion, Motorola Solutions is a global leader in public safety and enterprise security solutions and is well-positioned to continue on the focus of long-term value creation.

13 March 2023

For those of us of a certain vintage, Motorola is a well-known brand in the tech space, especially associated with cellphones. Before the iPhone and Android smartphones, back in the era when Nokia was king, Motorola was a contender, producing some innovative designs. In recent years, however, the name has slipped somewhat from the mainstream. But don’t think it’s not still around.

Founded back in 1928 by brothers Paul and Joseph Galvin, the company was then called the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation. In 1930, it started selling a low-cost automobile radio, called the ‘motorola’. However, it wasn’t until 1947 that the company rebranded to adopt that name as its overall moniker.

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