Under the hood at BankservAfrica

BankservAfrica is like the air; it’s all around us, and you’ll only notice when it’s gone.

02 October 2023

Ben Janse van Rensburg, BankservAfrica

In the words of BankservAfrica’s interim CIO Ben Janse van Rensburg, the company “connects giants”, meaning all the banks, and the SARB.

Bankserv still occupies the same cream-tiled ‘80s-style building in Selby, which was built to be close to the banks in downtown Johannesburg. The banks are still there, for the moment, but have built other offices in the north of the city, and Bankserv also has another site in Randburg. All the banks still have a permanent TCP/IP connection into Bankserv, over which they’re transacting 24/7.

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