Sponsored: Meet the Lovely Ladies from Pinnacle ICT

There are many things Pinnacle ICT is proud of, including providing world-class ICT products, superior technical expertise and exceptional delivery. However our diversity is something we are particularly proud of and the strength of the women in our team. This is what contributes to keeping us at the forefront of what we do. Women bring skills, passion, enthusiasm and capability, alongside a tendency to demonstrate a compassionate and collaborative approach to their work. We pay tribute here to some of the Pinnacle ICT women who make their mark as our leaders every day.

01 August 2022

Christelle Fensham, Brand Executive: Advanced Technologies, Asus & Microsoft

Something that has always stood out in this industry is the organised chaos of it all; you’re either built for it or you’re not, but once you find your feet in this always-on world, you don’t look back. Managing a team of 14 amazing people who keep me on my toes has been one of the highlights of my career. Pinnacle encourages employees to progress in their careers no matter their gender, which is refreshing in the distribution space. Knowing these opportunities are available to you pushes you to work harder.

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