A passion for progress

Digging into technology, creativity and multilingual collaboration with the CEO of PayU.

24 February 2022

It’s easy to see why being a woman working in the technology sector can get frustrating. It’s not just the residual patches of sexism that sometimes get in the way of success, but the fact that it still isn’t a completely level playing field, with lingering puffs of bias. None of this got in the way of Karen Nadasen’s career trajectory, or her planning. From her early 20s, she was taking her passion for tech and innate creativity into the coding room and her solutions, seeing every career move as an opportunity.

“It’s always been exciting to use my creativity through computer science – I’m inherently creative and I love maths, so technology gave me an outlet to create things,” she says. “I’ve now worked in so many different industries, from oil and gas through to pure technology and even financial services, and it’s amazing how technology always finds a way to improve things.”

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