Serving up transformation within the hospitality sector

The South African hospitality sector has endured remarkable upheaval and change since the global pandemic in 2020. Today, it sits at the cusp of an evolution that could potentially redefine its future and how the sector thrives despite rough economic headwinds and global uncertainty.

01 March 2024

Altaaf Kazi, Millat Group

The things you think of when you think hospitality aren’t AI or virtual assistants or high-end technology. It’s cocktails and mocktails on decks with views, and experiences served up by gracious hoteliers and organisations. However, the upheavals – economic, post-pandemic, geopolitical unrest – that currently define the globe and are acutely felt within the country are taking their toll. How can this sector, so critical to South Africa’s GDP and economy, thrive despite these disruptions? What can it do to change the dynamics holding it back? And how can the sector capture the attention of the younger generation, enticing them into the hallowed hotel hallways so there is talent ready to take on the roles soon left empty?

In this roundtable, leaders within the industry discuss the challenges, the concerns, the technologies and the future to find out how they can create stability and sustainability.

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