How to put people on the same page

The pros and cons of the Asana productivity tool.

24 April 2023

Asana announced record revenues of $378.4 million in the last quarter of 2022, an increase of 67% year-on-year. The company added over 200 product features to the platform in the same year, and now has more than 135 000 paying customers and millions of companies are using it for free across 200 countries. The workplace productivity platform describes itself as the ‘easiest way to manage team projects and tasks’ by putting people on the same page. We ask Judith Middleton, CEO of Duo Marketing, and Giulio di Giannatale, CTO at Sanlam Indie, why they opted into (or out of) using this platform.

“We were looking for a radical tool that would allow us to create more accountability and transparency across multiple offices, before Covid-19 kicked in,” says Middleton. “Communication, transparency and accountability are three things you almost take for granted in a physical workspace and when you work in remote environments and workspaces, you need better ways of embedding these. This is what drove our Asana implementation into our workflow systems.”

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