Will the real collaboration technology please stand up?

The new workforce superpower is the ability to connect and collaborate from anywhere.

17 January 2022

If another analysis of how the workplace has evolved, or how collaboration tools have transformed, starts with the pandemic, it’s very likely your brain will implode. Yes, the pandemic changed everything. Yes, the business gets it. The thing is, the sheer scale of this change is remarkable. It’s almost impossible to comprehend how drastically and significantly it has altered the employer/employee dynamic and how magnificently it’s torn the market wide open. Like a disaster movie hero in full muscular swing, this virus has ripped the fabric of the organisation in half.

It’s also finally given technology its shining moment on the global stage. It turns out that the nerds, geeks and technology pundits were right. It’s going to be the only way for the business to thrive in the Age of Information and the era of collaboration. As Forrester points out in its report ‘Gain a competitive advantage through enterprise collaboration’, the ability to efficiently connect employees in the office, from home and around the world has become the ‘table stakes for effective operations’. Gartner’s research found that there’s been an uptick of 44% in the use of collaboration tools since 2019. It also pointed out that collaboration tools have become the core of the workplace as they’re the most effective in ensuring the business can meet the demands of remote and hybrid workers.

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