Huawei and Mustek partnership looks to a bright future

Celebrating 10 years of successful partnership, the two enterprises’ plans for the coming decade include assisting the nation in its digital transformation journey, training the next generation of IT experts, and delivering a unique cloud offering suited to the South African economy.

06 March 2021

In the modern, globalised world, one fact is clear: no matter how large and diverse your enterprise, you won’t succeed without the right partners. Celebrating a decade-long partnership, Huawei and Mustek are two organisations that are aware of this fact.

Ten years ago, these two companies joined forces as partners – something that coincided with the start of the cloud era – and have spent the time since then helping Africa create a new, digital future. Says Mustek CTO, Dimitri Tserpess: “The partnership between these organisations has proven to be extremely beneficial to both, enabling one to break through to the enterprise market while expanding its reputation beyond being a phone brand, and the other to meet the new requirements of technology distribution.”

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