The value of digital within ecommerce

The ecommerce sector in South Africa is discovering new ground and exploring new ways of capturing customers and market share. As competition increases, so does the need for companies within this sector to find technologies and solutions that give them a competitive edge.

02 April 2024

Shakeerah Diedericks, Loot

The ecommerce business model has changed significantly thanks to the constant evolution of technology. Cloud computing, big data, and AI are all enabling organisations to reimagine the foundations of ecommerce infrastructure and capabilities. However, as companies look at big moves from the likes of Amazon into the South African market, what partnerships and possibilities should they be exploring to ensure they thrive? How can they listen to the beat of the consumer’s heart to ensure they are the ones meeting their every need? In this roundtable, the participants talk about the challenges facing the sector and the solutions that can transform it.

Brainstorm: What do companies want, to ensure they thrive?

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