Building IT strategy around applications

IT strategy shouldn’t focus on the cloud, but on applications.

14 January 2022

The majority of enterprise applications and workloads don’t reside in the public cloud. Increasingly, analysts and consultants note that pure public or private cloud adoption is a harmful use case for most organisations. According to IDC, the ‘100% options represent two extremes and are not suited for companies seeking to gain the maximum benefit from their IT transformation’.

Daniel van Graan, practice lead: Cloud, Altron Systems Integration, agrees: “The biggest reason for this is that it often doesn’t make business sense for all your workloads to go into either a public or a private cloud. What makes sense for the business should be the main driver of why you decide to go either way. And then you decide if you want to do it for agility, or do you want to do this because you want to get products to market faster, or are you looking at a different costing model? Once you’ve decided what makes sense for your business, there are several considerations that need to be taken into account.”

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