Secrets of cloud-native success

Building, deploying, and managing modern apps in the cloud will bring new efficiencies to the business.

04 July 2023

Dion Visagie, Infinetix

The digital shift has taken place, up in the clouds, and the cloud and digital-native ecosystems that thrive on DevOps and FinOps are disrupting the business world. A recent analysis by McKinsey of the global value of cloud, including digitisation, digitalisation, and cloud-native architecture, found that the total value is $873 billion. IT cost optimisation improvements equal $155 billion, digitisation of core operations sits at $311 billion, and business resilience and risk reduction at $407 billion. The firm also found that the cloud was capable of generating $3 trillion in ebitda value by 2030.

Forrester’s analysis of the leading trends shaping the organisation found that cloudnative is important to strategic success. And a piece-by-piece approach to cloud adoption and integration within the enterprise isn’t delivering. The business needs an ecosystem that’s capable of pulling all the digital threads together using a platform-based approach that’s capable of ongoing modernisation. As the firm puts it: “Yesterday’s cloud deployments are already legacy and organisations must adapt.”

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