A hybrid future awaits

The datacentre of the future will be a shadow of its former self as cloud and consolidation come to the fore.

03 February 2017

The ability of companies to design their enterprise architecture is something that is of critical concern. Get it right and you’ll have systems that will serve the future needs of the company for years to come. Get it wrong and you’ll have to spend more to renew the infrastructure sooner than you would like, while fending off repeated instances of shadow IT as business units go off and do their own thing because the IT department is not meeting their needs.

While enterprise architecture is comprised of many systems, at the heart of the enterprise is the datacentre. The world of datacentres is one that traces its roots back to the beginning of computing, where everything happened in the datacentre. But just as computing has evolved, so has the datacentre. The modern datacentre, however, is undergoing massive change as demand is placed on the IT function by internal and external customers.

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