Backbite and Sneerwell

Silly English kniggit!

Tim Berners-Lee only invented the internet. Now he wants to give the world a new ‘Magna Carta’.

09 April 2014

He’s a smart geek with a knighthood, but that doesn’t mean Tim Berners-Lee is always right. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the proposal that would become the World Wide Web – the hyper-text layer on top of the pre-existing internet that made it what it is today.

Looking back, Berners-Lee, the author of that document, is not happy. He is (rightly) appalled at the rise of government surveillance, and (understandably) upset about the erosion of privacy by companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and the ironic master of evil, Google. He worries about noble causes, like freedom of speech and belief, and freedom from want and fear.

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