Digital by default

For cities like Cape Town, embracing digital enables better decision-making so that it’s possible to deliver a more effective service to citizens, staff and stakeholders.

14 November 2022

Theresa Uys, City of Cape Town

Modern cities need to do more with less. For Alderman Theresa Uys, mayoral committee member for corporate services at the City of Cape Town, technology plays a critical role in delivering the efficiencies needed to achieve this. Technology enables a city’s administration to use resources more efficiently, thus making it possible to do more on a tighter budget.

For Uys, this can be seen in areas such as facility maintenance, where proactive and predictive maintenance technologies make it possible to get to the root cause of a potential problem or appropriately schedule routine fixes to equipment to prolong the life of major infrastructure assets. But it’s not just about using tech more efficiently, it’s also about using the information generated by this tech to be more efficient.

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