There's an IoT born every minute

Why unprotected smart devices that form the Internet of Things are a hacker’s new best friend.

10 November 2021

Today’s homes and businesses are brimming with Internet of Things devices ranging from security and access control, to smart lighting, climate control, and workspace efficiency devices. And while these solutions may bring a slew of conveniences, they also expand the attack surface, and give bad actors new points of ingress to slither through the security cracks. The potential security vulnerabilities are endless.

In an effort to track and potentially prevent cyber attacks against connected smart devices, Kaspersky researchers set up honeypots, which serve as traps for online attackers who have IoT devices in their crosshairs. Honeypots act as a decoy, intended to attract malefactors by mimicking a target for them, using their intrusion attempts to glean information about attackers, and their tools and techniques. It also helps distract them from other targets.

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