Sponsored: How to get business value from the cloud

It’s a new world out there, and businesses are looking for ways to create value and enable growth. That’s where Google Cloud comes in.

05 July 2023

Gregory MacLennan CEO at Digicloud Africa

Geopolitical uncertainty, high inflation and low economic growth are shifting corporate priorities, and with them, business’ expectations with regard to cloud: cost optimisation, the ability to scale and all the other rationales for moving to the cloud are no longer relevant. 

“Nowadays, companies are looking to the cloud for ways to do business more smartly, to create value for them in an incredibly difficult environment. And the focus on value creation is acting like a pressure test on cloud implementations, showing up the inadequacies that mostly derive from the ‘lift-and-shift’ approach so many companies followed,” says Gregory MacLennan, CEO, Digicloud, Google’s enablement partner in Africa. 

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