What if you wore a hacker’s shoes?

Security teams have their work cut out for them. They have sprawling IT estates to patrol, some of which will be composed of legacy systems. Where should they begin, and what should receive priority? As this roundtable of security professionals heard, a risk assessment is probably the best place to start.

01 September 2023

Johan Laas, Rand Refinery

Do you have an account at Standard Bank, or a Gmail address? Or, perhaps, you have a Ferrari? All these businesses have been hacked, and in the case of the last company, it’s happened twice. Nobody is immune to cyber attacks. Incident management and reporting is a crucial facet of cybersecurity. This is the process of identifying, recording and analysing a threat, followed by its containment. The approach uses a combination of appliances, software and human investigation and analysis, and will typically kick into action after an incident has occurred. Security teams will then be able to analyse the incident to determine its scope, assess the damage it’s caused and work out a plan for mitigation.

Brainstorm: How do you sell an incident report management tool to your board?

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