The doctor will see you now

The healthcare sector faces extraordinary challenges as it deals with legacy complexities, an embattled public healthcare system, and private sector healthcare inequalities. In this roundtable, healthcare professionals and IT leaders talk health, technology, trends, and transformation.

11 December 2023

Nash Arnachellam, Right ePharmacy.

Healthcare sits at a crossroads. On the one hand, technologies such as AI, machine learning, automation and IoT offer immense opportunities for change and transformation within the sector; on the other hand, there remain inequalities and complexities that must be managed to ensure patient care and wellbeing is accessible to all South Africans. Can AI, robotics and rural telemedicine actually serve the country? How can patient records become better managed for access and patient visibility? What needs to change so healthcare shifts gear and delivers improved outcomes for patients and medical practitioners?

Dr Nomonde Mabuya, CEO, KTI, wonders how digital health can be used to influence care partners so that patients are more informed.

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