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Cybersecurity has an effectiveness problem. The answer is not more tools, but a better way of leveraging the data they generate.

01 November 2023

Jared Kruger, Business Development Manager at Troye.

What’s giving CISOs sleepless nights is the unstoppable upward trend of cybercrime— and the sense that they are losing the battle. Despite spending upwards of $169 billion on security globally each year, organisations continue to suffer losses. In fact, the losses from cybercrime spiked by a massive 48% last year.

“In response to the rise in cybercrime CISOs tend to invest in a multitude of tools —and the tools generally work well. That’s not the problem,” argues Jared Kruger, Business Development Manager at Troye, a provider of secure digital workspaces. “These tools are generally noisy and can generate thousands of alerts a day, swamping the organisation’s security team. They literally get ‘alert fatigue’, with the result that critical threats are missed or are picked up too late. Most businesses simply don’t have the capacity to employ a team of security analysts to sift through the data and identify the alerts that need immediate attention.”

The solution, Kruger suggests, lies not in additional security tools, but in the ability to unify and optimise the existing security technology stack; gain visibility across the full attack surface and prioritise high impact security outcomes.

“It’s really a gap in security operations, and Troye leverages Artic Wolf’s security operations platform in the cloud to address this shortfall. Arctic Wolf intelligently ingests all telemetry across the entire attack surface and then utilises their intelligent AI processes to contextualise alerts, remove false positives and provide a clear picture of relevant threats within the environment – those threats that need immediate action and remediation,” he says. “The Arctic Wolf Security Services Team investigates all alerts on behalf of customers and escalates the incidents that require urgent attention back to the organisation and assists with containment and ongoing security posture hardening.”

Arctic Wolf consolidates data from its customers across the globe, so that new threats can be identified and proactive action can be taken to inoculate its entire customer base from new and emerging vulnerabilities. This sets Arctic Wolf apart from in-house teams and local providers that may not have access to this power of data.

Resilient infrastructure

Arctic Wolf’s core Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offering delivers a turn-key experience which provides 24/7 monitoring of the security landscape to rapidly detect, analyse, investigate and actively respond to threats. In addition, the service offering provides access to named security specialists who collaborate with customers on a tailored security journey ensuring that security posture measurably improves over time. The unique concierge delivery model means that on-premise resources can be freed up to concentrate on more strategic projects. It also ensures that SME’s without a dedicated security team can benefit from proactive security operations.

On top of the 24/7 MDR service, organisations can gain access to Managed Risk (ongoing identification and remediation of vulnerabilities on internally and externally facing assets), Incident Response, and Managed Security and Awareness Training that is delivered constantly, through a service-based model. The last is particularly important because social engineering attacks remain one of the most common attack vectors today.

Kruger says that another key differentiator is that Arctic Wolf delivers Security Operations that are security tool-agnostic, preventing lock-in and giving customers the freedom of choice to swap out a vendor at any time, without changing their Security Operations.

He says that given the proliferation of applications, it makes sense to complement Arctic Wolf with the NetScaler Application Delivery Controller to secure application delivery and ensure a robust and resilient infrastructure. “Applications are a key target for cybercriminals, and NetScaler has a number of features that will safeguard them, thus also reducing the number of security alerts the security team has to deal with,” he says. “There’s no silver bullet when it comes to cybersecurity— CISOs need to adopt a layered approach so that threats are identified and neutralised as far from their target as possible.”

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