AI governance: Just how far has that horse bolted?

Knowledge is knowing that you have toilet cleaner in the house; wisdom is not putting it on chips.

01 February 2024

AI governance.

As much as I, too, am swept up in the promise of and excitement around GenAI, the last 12 months have provided a very different picture to the year before that. It’s been a real vibe killer, if I’m honest.

The AI rhetoric of 2022 was full of possibility. “Look at this!” we exclaimed over and over again. The Simpsons in the style of Picasso; a deep fake face as smooth as silk; a digital double of my voice…all building up to the near-end of the year when OpenAI’s ChatGPT opened for public use and the AI enthusiasm became almost religious zeal. With Microsoft integrations and 100 applications and competitors, GenAI proliferated.

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