Silenced no more

Big tech’s leaky woes point to a coming cultural shift, for everyone.

20 January 2022

Recently, the world was riveted by the testimony of Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen. After leaking a stack of internal memos to the Wall Street Journal, and dropping key documents to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Haugen went on TV news show 60 Minutes with her allegations and then testified in front of US representatives and lawmakers. She painted an alarming picture of the inner workings of the social media giant, where profit is king and the platform’s effects on users are deprioritised.

The files showed how influential users get more rope when they transgress the content moderation rules, and how Facebook was slow to react to instances of open human trafficking on its platform. Another damning accusation was that Facebook had buried its own research on the harmful effect Instagram could have on younger audiences.

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