War in a web-enabled world

The tech of the Russian-Ukraine conflict – a crucible for web activism.

24 May 2022

From here – writing in your past – I can’t know what the status of the Russian assault on Ukraine will be by the time you’re reading this. That’s always the conundrum for a columnist. No matter how tight we squeeze our deadlines, there’s still a logistical gap between my blinking cursor and your blinking eyes.

Still, I think it’s important to talk about this conflict, and the many elements of it – themes and learnings – that are evergreen long after the on-the-ground fighting, things that are significant even when viewed asynchronously with the conflict itself. The standout element for me has been the role of tech and how it has made this war an unprecedented one, even for us 2022 denizens, so experienced in living through unprecedented times.

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