It's cool to be board

There’s been much focus on improving the diversity of boards in terms of gender and race. However, it seems constituent members come from traditional business backgrounds – accounting, legal, corporate. Given the way business is evolving, what about technology expertise?

23 July 2019

In an era of rapid digital transformation, global corporate boards are beginning to realise that technology expertise is a powerful asset. Tech-savvy directors can help boards understand and oversee tech-driven opportunities. And which company isn’t looking for ways to use technology to improve their business models, operational efficiency, and customer experience?

Having board members with an understanding of and experience in digital business, it seems, is the new financial performance differentiator. Those that do are likely to see better financial results than those that don’t, according to a 2019 machine learning analysis of the digital know-how of the boards of US-listed businesses, conducted by MIT Sloane Management Review

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