Building the citizen-focused cities of the future

In a country struggling to supply water and electricity to all its citizens, is the notion of the smart city too fanciful?

13 January 2022

What defines the citizen-focused city? Is it essential services delivered seamlessly? Is it enhancing the end-to-end citizen experience that includes improvements in service delivery and the use of data to transform public sector decision-making and capabilities? The answer to all these questions is – yes. It’s every one of these steps, and more. It’s building a citizen-led infrastructure that doesn’t weigh people down with impossible admin within creaking institutions that barely manage queues, much less growing citizen demands. The future needs to be digital, it needs to evolve and become more efficient in order to provide citizens from all walks of life with the support, service and delivery they deserve.

Brainstorm, in association with AWS, convened a roundtable where industry leaders and government decision-makers examined three core questions: How to meet the digital citizens’ service delivery expectations and needs? How to effectively engage citizens in discussions around service delivery? And, how to employ digital technologies to aid the public sector on its journey towards the city of the future?

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