Women in tech

Breaking new ground

Software engineer and company co-founder Lorén Rose turned a love of learning into a career in tech, and she’s determined to bring the next generation of women with her.

03 July 2023

Lorén Rose

Lorén Rose didn’t start out thinking she would go into computer science. “When I finished school, there were no IT careers,” she recalls. “My school didn’t get computers until Matric, and by the time I left, they hadn’t even been plugged in.” She did have a flair for maths and science, however, and a love for learning – new instruments, new sports, and playing with computers at friends’ homes.

So with an inkling that the novelty and challenges of CompSci would appeal to her, Rose added the subject to her majors while pursuing her B.Com. It was a decision that proved fortuitous. “My career has been very organic. Some people call it luck and others ‘creating opportunities’,” she says.

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